MS SoapClient and WSDLReader error ‘80020009’

This trips me up every year with a blob of legacy classic ASP code I have on my debug and test environment:

wsdl = ""
Set service = CreateObject("MSSOAP.SoapClient30")
service.ClientProperty("ServerHTTPRequest") = True
Call service.MSSoapInit(wsdl)

The above code suddenly starts throwing this error for no apparent good reason:

WSDLReader error '80020009'

WSDLReader:XML Parser failed at linenumber 0, lineposition 0, reason is: System error: -2147012721. HRESULT=0x1: Incorrect function. - WSDLReader:Loading of the WSDL file failed HRESULT=0x80070057: The parameter is incorrect. - Client:One of the parameters supplied is invalid. HRESULT=0x80070057: The parameter is incorrect.

/services/, line 5

Then after half an hour of head scratching I realise the SSL certificate has probably expired…and lo and behold it has.

Maybe next year the penny will drop more quickly. :)

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