Beware of Mr Cloud T-Shirts

Watch out for this guy – I ordered a T-shirt on the 10th of October and paid via PayPal. What struck me as slightly odd was that I never got a confirmation message from his shopping cart app, but I put it down to “one of those things”.

After around two weeks the T-shirt hadn’t arrived, this is unusual because although I’m based in Ireland most things posted from the UK arrive within 2-5 working days, even on second class post.

I sent an email on the 23rd of October asking if Mr Cloud had received my order whilst explaining that I didn’t get any sort of order confirmation, and if they did, had they shipped the order yet.

Later that day I got my one and only communication from Mr Cloud which answered none of the questions raised above, all it said was:


It may take up to 28 days


A quick check of Mr Cloud’s Terms page did indeed confirm that non-UK orders would take up to 28 days, fair enough, but a little bit more info in the reply would have been nice.

I replied on the 24th of October asking if they could maybe nudge the order seeing as it was for Ciaran’s birthday on the 2nd of November, and asked again if Mr Cloud (or Craig Hesmondhalgh who is apparently the proprietor of the business) could confirm if the order had shipped.

There was no reply and I emailed again on the 25th of October asking politely if he could answer my question about whether the order had shipped. I got no response and decided to leave chasing the order until 28 days was up.

On the 7th of November the postman had been and gone and still no t-shirt, and still no communication from Mr Cloud. I emailed him again explaining that 28 days had now passed since I placed my order and that there was nothing in the post from him, could he confirm the order had been posted.

Having had no reply by 2pm on the 8th of November I emailed once again:

Hi Craig,

It’s now 29 days since I ordered this item and it still hasn’t arrived. Ireland is not the other side of the world and the postal service between the UK and ROI is fairly efficient with most items being delivered within 2-3 days of posting.

Where is my t-shirt?


Having had no response by mid-day on the 9th of November I opened a PayPal dispute which was resolved this morning with a refund and no explanation from Mr Cloud. Getting the refund is fine, but what a fucking waste of time.

With hindsight this will teach me not to Google around for complaints and disputes about a company I’ve never dealt with previously before spending money with them. Having done that in the past few days turned up these links about Mr Cloud’s past form:

I know this is a bit of a speil but if Google indexes this article and at least one person is saved the hassle of dealing with this company then my work is done.

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